Parent Testimonials

A seed has been planted . . .

Our son Noah came home from his second-grade class with family dinner questions for us to discuss over Christmas break. One of the questions was “If you had your very own plane, where would you fly and what would you do there?” Noah was the first to reply, saying he’d go to Africa and do missionary work. We were moved to discover that a seed had been planted in Noah through the recent readings and research on missions in his class. What a blessing it is to us that our children can grow in their faith, not only by what they learn at home and at church, but also through their education at Cornerstone.

The La Cagnina Family,  Newberry

Cornerstone is an answer to prayer . . .

I just wanted to say how much our family is blessed by being a part of Cornerstone.  Being at Open House tonight reminded me of what it felt like to be there as prospective parents.  We prayed for three years as a family for God’s perfect timing and will for the children to be able to attend Cornerstone.  And we are so grateful that we are now a part of Cornerstone – we thank God for the administrators and teachers that he’s brought into the lives of our children.

Thank you so much for your personal and professional commitment to teaching our kids, both spiritually and academically.  Our life and the lives of our children will be forever impacted by being a part of Cornerstone.

Kristin Weitzel, Hawthorne

A High Five for K-5 . . .

I’ve had the privilege of having two sons go through the K-5 beehive at Cornerstone Academy.  One has just completed it, and the other completed it ten years ago.  Mrs. Thompson has truly been an inspiration to both of my boys. I have been amazed to see each of them complete K-5 and be able to write in cursive beautifully, recite every state and capital, and even explain to me what a metaphor is as well as come up with their own  examples! Not only is the K-5 beehive an example of academic excellence, but it is also one of great love and acceptance.  I recall watching Mrs. Thompson on Valentine’s day this year. She and Mrs. Waters had a special gift for each student waiting when they came in from recess. As Mrs. Thompson shared the gifts with each child, she knelt down and looked into each precious little face and said, “I love you, and Jesus loves you too!”  I recall thinking that there could never be a better learning environment for my child than that!  I will be forever grateful for the wonderful love and education my children received in the Cornerstone K-5 Beehive!

Rochelle Fairfield, High Springs

We didn’t plan to send our kids to private school . . .

Over the years I’ve had many concerns and worries with parenting my children. Would they grow up to be upstanding citizens and have a rich and meaningful life? Would they have faith in the good times and in the bad? Would they be kind, loving and caring individuals? Would they be and make a trusted friend? Would they be a good influence on others? Would they befriend those that are a good influence on them? Would they be safe and make good decisions in the environments/situations they find themselves in?

As young children, safety and protection are forefront on the minds of parents, but as they grow and become more autonomous, the concerns shift to those of personal character. We all want our children to grow up with healthy character traits such as godliness, humility, compassion and generosity for others, confidence and a passion for what they do. I believe this is a process that requires our continued attention as parents.

Looking back, I’ve realized from my own experiences why Cornerstone Academy is so important to me for my children. I did not set out to send my kids to private school, nor did my husband. In fact, we were once of the mindset that that would be somewhat of a cop-out and a disservice to our community as a whole. Our children attended public elementary school from kindergarten through 5th grade. In the meantime, friends of our family had begun attending Cornerstone and were very satisfied with their decision. Over time, questions turned into enlightenment, particularly in the area of academics. I soon realized our children were being shortchanged, not just a little, but a lot! I suddenly felt convicted about the future of our nation. I wanted to be a part of continuing the foundational belief system that made our country so great. Now, the idea of attending private school was no longer a disservice to our community, but rather a privilege and responsibility for the continued strength of it.

Being taught a Christian worldview with strong academics stands alone for my reason for choosing Cornerstone, but there are others. These include nourishment, opportunity, acceptance, focus, responsibility, and friendship. I am so grateful for the opportunities my children, now ages 14 and 17, have had through Cornerstone. Opportunities to include being able to participate in drama, sports, student government, event planning, even helping to prepare a new school! Being at Cornerstone teaches our kids that they matter. That they are significant. That they have an effect on their community, either positive or negative. They learn self-control because they are in the forefront. There is no background for them to slip into to be ‘unnoticed’.

Seeds of leadership and talent that God placed in my children have been nurtured by gifted and dedicated teachers and coaches at Cornerstone. To them, I say “Thank You”. They are bringing out my children’s best thinking and are showing them what it means to be a good leaders. To have godly men and women teaching my son and daughter brings peace to my heart. God is using Cornerstone to shape and mold our children for the future that He has prepared for them. The possibilities are endless. Will it be engineering? Science? Ministry? Education? They’ll be ready regardless.

Lori Consolazio, Gainesville

Cornerstone prepared them far better than I realized . . .

Many times as a parent, we wonder if the choices that we make for our children are the right ones. We fret, lose sleep, pray, turn it over to God, and then take it back again. What school should we send them to, what activities should we let them participate in, and will they really be prepared for college? My son is in his second year at the University of Florida and my daughter is a junior in high school and dual-enrolled there as well. Both attended Cornerstone. Looking back now I don’t believe either would be doing as well had it not been for this opportunity. Cornerstone’s curriculum prepared them far better than I realized. Many days I asked myself, was I pushing my children too hard with the expectations that the teacher’s held them to? I am very thankful for the Christ-centered atmosphere that established their school ethic, and helped build their character. Yes, it was all worth it. Parents, you have made the right decision. Years from now, you too will write a letter thanking all the people that helped shape your children and moved them in the direction of a higher education and Christ-filled life.

Lyn Jones

My daughter is being taught with love . . .

My daughter did a presentation last week at the 4-H office. The presentation was done in the office of a veterinarian in Micanopy who was the judge. After she gave her presentation, the judge came out and said that she would be well suited to be on a debate team or do some kind of public speaking because she presented herself with confidence, was comfortable, and was very knowledgeable of her material. He also asked what school she attended and said that she was being taught very well. My daughter is able to do this because of teachers who give her the opportunity, confidence, and wisdom to go out in the world and “stand out”. She (and other students) are being taught with love, to have respect, trust and godliness and that is what makes a child successful.

Dawn Larsen, Gainesville

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