PO Box 357430
Gainesville, Fl 32635
Phone: (352) 378-9337
Fax: (352) 378-7708
E-mail: office@cornerstone.st


Cornerstone Academy is located at the intersection of NW 34th ST and NW 16th BLVD in Gainesville in the Westwood Hills Church of God Building.

1520 NW 34th Street
Gainesville, FL 32605

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School Hours

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday  8:00am – 3:00pm

K4 Half-day: 8:15 to noon (beginning Fall 2015)

K4-5th Grade 8:00-3:10pm
6th-12th Grade 8:00-3:10pm

Early Morning Drop-Off for Grammar Students

Grammar School begins at 8:15 AM. Drop-off before 8 AM requires participation in Early Morning Drop-Off, a service provided to parents of K5 – 5th grade students to facilitate a parent’s work schedule. Children will be supervised by an adult staff member on the playground, or in a classroom if the weather is poor. K5 and 1st grade students will be escorted to the “little playground” by a reliable safety patrol student. Students are never to be dropped off and left unsupervised by an adult. Parents who prefer to wait with their children until it is appropriate to enter the classroom are encouraged to do so. In such cases the parent is responsible for the behavior and whereabouts of his or her student until responsibility is assumed by the teacher.