Course Work:

A total of 26 credits are needed to graduate from Cornerstone Academy. The credits must be in the following subjects:


Required Subjects:
  • 4 Math (Algebra I and higher)
  • 3 Science (2 with labs)
  • 4 English
  • 1 Rhetoric/Debate
  • 3 Years Foreign Language
    • 2 in the same language

Note:  2 years of Latin, credit or non-credit, are required for students who attend at least 2 years of Middle School at Cornerstone

  • 1 Logic
  • 3 History
    • (World, US, and Govt/Econ)
  • 1 Performing Arts
  • 1 Senior Capstone
  • 4 Bible
    • HOPE (Biblical Applications), Western Civ/Worldviews, Old/New Testament, Apologetics
  • 1 Physical Education


Other requirements:

Students must complete a Senior Capstone Project:  a research project culminating in a 10 minute presentation that is defended by the presenter and graded by a jury of teachers.  Students must also have documented 100 Community Service Hours earned beginning the summer before 9th grade.