Course Work:

A total of 24.5 credits are needed to graduate from Cornerstone Academy. The credits must be in the following subjects:

Required Subjects:
  • 4 Math
  • 3 Science (2 with labs)
  • 4 English
  • 1 Rhetoric/Debate
  • 1 Logic
  • 2 Years Latin
    • Credit or non-credit beginning in 6th grade
  • 3 Years Foreign Language beginning with the Class of 2017
    • 2 in the same language
  • 4 History
    • World History (1)
    • Western Civilization (1)
    • American History (1)
    • American Government (1/2)
    • Economics (1/2)
  • 1 Performing Arts
  • 1 Bible 11
  • 1 Bible 12
  • 1 Biblical Applications (HOPE)
  • 1/2 Physical Education

Students must have an average of 70% in the core courses of English, math, science, and history in order to graduate.

In addition, each senior must complete a Capstone Project and present it to the 7th – 12th grade students, families, faculty and staff at an assembly in his/her senior year.

Community Service

Students must have 100 documented hours of community service to graduate.

In order to verify hours a letter must be obtained from the adult in charge of the activity. The letter should contain the date, an overview of activities performed, the number of hours served, and the adult’s signature. This should be brought to the Cornerstone office for inclusion on the student’s transcript. Volunteer work must be done for a non-profit entity, not an individual.

Click here for a list of community service opportunities.