Dual Enrollment at UF and Santa Fe College

Cornerstone Academy students may attend classes at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College while they are still in high school. The student must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and be taking courses not taught at Cornerstone. Students have successfully earned college credit in this manner.

Tech Prep College Credit

After completing Computing for College and Careers, Chemistry, or Anatomy and Physiology at Cornerstone Academy students who receive an 80% or better in the class are eligible to take an assessment exam at Santa Fe College where they may earn three to four college credits per exam.

College Level Examination Program

CLEP tests are much like Advance Placement (AP) tests and are administered at Santa Fe College. They have the advantage of being less expensive than AP Exams, and may be taken any time a student is ready to test rather than only one day in May per year, as is the case with AP Exams. Both tests (AP and CLEP) are administered by the College Board. College credits earned in this manner are then transferable to the university to which the student is accepted. Cornerstone students have earned credit in this way.

Advanced Placement Exams

AP exams are given nationwide on select days in May. Cornerstone students have taken AP exams in English, Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus, and have earned college credit in this manner.