- Developing an understanding that Jesus Christ is our personal Savior
- Participate in daily devotions (listening to bible stories and praying)
- Participate in discussions clarifying practical ways to bring God glory
- Memorize weekly bible verses
- Participate in monthly Character/Virtue studies through stories, dramatic play and songs
- Integration of Biblical World throughout all disciplines

Language Arts
- Gains meaning by listening
- Follows 2 or 3-step directions
- Speaks clearly enough to be understood without contextual clues
- Uses increasingly complex phrases and sentences
- Shows an understanding of words and their meanings
- Uses an expanded vocabulary to describe many objects, actions, and events
Sentences and Structure
- Uses age-appropriate grammar in conversations
- Connects phrases and sentences to build ideas
Emergent Writing
- Exhibits motivation to engage in written expression
- Uses letter knowledge to convey meaning
- Demonstrates age-appropriate ability to form letters
- Exhibits knowledge of structure of written composition

Emergent Literacy/Reading

- Exhibits phonological and phonemic awareness
- Exhibits alphabetic knowledge
- Exhibits understanding of text read aloud

Mathematical Processes
- Begins to use simple strategies to solve mathematical problems
Patterns, Relationships, and Functions
- Sorts objects into subgroups that vary by one or two attributes
- Recognizes simple patterns and duplicates them
- Gathers and uses information to ask and answer questions
Numbers and Operations
- Demonstrates beginning understanding of number
- Demonstrates understanding of quantity (1 – 20)
Geometry and Spatial Relations
- Identifies and describes shapes
- Interprets and uses positional words
- Analyzes, compares, creates and composes shapes
- Orders, compares and describes objects according to a single attribute
- Demonstrates the ability to measure items using traditional and non-traditional measuring tools

Scientific Thinking
- Asks questions and uses senses to observe and explore materials and natural phenomena
- Uses simple tools and equipment for investigation
- Makes comparisons among objects
- Explore, discover and investigate God’s gifts of plants, animals and the universe

Social Studies
People Past and Present
- Identifies similarities and differences in personal and family characteristics
- Distinguishes between Christian and non-Christian character attributes
Citizenship and Government
- Demonstrates awareness of rules
- Exhibits awareness of leadership qualities
People and Where they Live
- Describes location of various environments
- Shows awareness of the environment

Motor Development
Gross Motor Development
- Moves with balance and control
- Coordinates movements to perform simple tasks
Fine Motor Development
- Uses strength and control to perform simple tasks
- Demonstrates eye-hand coordination to perform tasks
- Exhibits beginning control of writing, drawing and the use of art tools

Fine Arts
Expression and Representation
- Uses a variety of materials for tactile experiences and exploration
- Participates in group music experiences
- Participates in creative movement, dance, and drama
Understanding and Appreciation
- Responds to artistic creations or events


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