Curriculum Guide


Textbooks Used:  Bible, ABeka Flash-A-Card Old Testament and New Testament Series
Description: Students are exposed of an overview of the entire Bible, highlighting important events and people.
  • Understand that Jesus Christ is our personal Lord and Savior
  • Participate in an overview of the Old and New Testaments
  • Participate in daily Bible discussion and prayer
  • Participate in discussions clarifying practical ways to bring God glory
  • Memorize Bible verses 
  • Participates in monthly character/virtue studies through stories, drama and songs
  • Memorize books of the Bible

Language Arts and Communication

Description: Many subjects are included within the Language Arts curriculum such as writing, grammar, and penmanship. Reading focuses on a phonics program that lays the foundation for fluent reading.  Writing focuses on developing skilled writers through an organized system.  Students are exposed to narrative and expository forms and are encouraged to develop good order of topic sentences along with a detailed paragraph.  Grammar focuses on understanding the order of sentences and the eight parts of speech.  Penmanship involves the teaching of cursive writing.
  • Develop language arts skills and concepts through an integrated and multisensory program that includes phonics, grammar of spelling, penmanship, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension strategies 
  • Develop a fluent reading ability
  • Develop writing skills through an introduction to topical writing in narrative, expository, fiction and nonfiction forms
  • Continue to refine and develop listening, organizational, and study skills
  • Participate in public speaking exercises through integrated presentations


Textbooks Used:  Treasury of Virtues, Hero Tales A Family Treasury of True Stories, Squanto, First Thanksgiving, Christmas Tales, Strawberry Girl, and Panther Girl
Description: Students will discuss literary analysis and terminology and critically consider and analyze the intellectual moral and spiritual issues in the stories and weigh them with reference to scripture
  • Understand elements of story sequence
  • Understand the impetus of story as the central problem and how the problem is resolved
  • Understand how characters are developed and the use of characterization within the plot
  • Identify setting as the where and when the story takes place
  • Identify, understand, and implement the use of figurative language including metaphor and simile
  • Use context to understand vocabulary


Textbooks Used:  Primary Mathematics 1A & 1B, Standards Edition, Singapore Math
Word Problems for Model Drawing Practice 1,
Description: Students are exposed to grade level mathematics through a series of learning experiences including pictorials, concrete, and abstract examples.  Students use textbooks, workbooks, and math manipulatives to increase their mathematical understanding.
  • Demonstrate strong foundation in mathematics and develop logical thinking and critical problem solving
  • Comprehend mathematical concepts and skills using manipulatives, models, and pictures
  • Demonstrate understanding of number bonds with addition and subtraction facts to 100
  • Demonstrate understanding of shapes and patterns
  • Demonstrate use of ordinal numbers and position
  • Demonstrate understanding of length, weight
  • Demonstrate ability to read and create picture graphs, and bar graphs,
  • Effectively use mental math strategies
  • Recognize and use calendars and clocks to half hour
  • Demonstrate understanding of multiplication and division as repeated addition and subtraction
  • Demonstrate value of U.S. currency
  • Communicate mathematical ideas, work in cooperative learning groups, and use and understand mathematical terms


Textbooks Used: Science 2, Bob Jones University, third edition textbook and activity manual
Course Description: This course explores God’s hand in creation and how His absolute authority and order can be witnessed through the realm of creation and forces of the earth.  Students work through the scientific method to discover God’s presence in the world around them.  Hands-on activities, demonstrations, and projects help develop a firm foundation of science applications.
  • Understand God’s revelation of Himself through His creation
  • Explore topics of living things, energy, gravity, the earth, and the body
  • Understand the steps of the scientific method and can utilize them in experiments and explorations


Textbooks Used: Teacher created materials, maps, photos, related literature.
Course Description: The Florida history course leads students on an historical account of events from Early American history through present day Florida.
  • Develop a basic understanding of American history
  • Develop an understanding of the chronological order of events in Florida history dating from the early explorers through present
  • Investigate and explore Florida geographical highlights
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Florida industries
  • Develop an understanding of Alachua County history
  • Enhance maps skills and familiarity with geographical locations of discussion
  • Demonstrate the ability to draw a world model including Equator, Prime Meridian, Great Circles, seven continents, four oceans