Code of Ethics


To maintain the testimony of Cornerstone Academy as a Christian school, all teachers, staff members, and representatives of Cornerstone Academy are expected to conform to biblical standards of behavior at all times. Wherever possible Matthew 18 shall govern dealing with issues of moral character. The Board shall act as the church body in these circumstances.

In Locō Parentis Policy

To ensure that parental authority over the education of our students is respected, in locō parentis, which means “in place of a parent,” is our policy at Cornerstone Academy. At all levels, the Cornerstone Academy Board, administration, teachers, and staff acknowledge that the school does not function above parental authority, but rather with delegated authority (in locō parentis) from the parents. The Cornerstone Academy goals and vision statement represent the desired results which we believe will come from our educational support of godly homes. We intend to fulfill these established goals through supporting parents who are already dedicated to such goals in their respective households.The school’s implementation of our goals and vision statement is not intended to supplant the responsibility of parents before God for the nurture and education of their children.

The school will seek to fulfill the obligations we have with regard to this policy, as well as our goals and vision statement, primarily through careful admission procedures, faithfulness to our stated educational mission, and biblical discipline.

Secondary Doctrine

Doctrinal issues which are not addressed in the Cornerstone Academy Statement of Faith should be discussed on an informative, nonpartisan level. Teachers must be careful not to speak to the students in a manner that would cause offense to the parents. Presentation of all sides of an issue is encouraged. The teacher should encourage the students to follow up any questions they have with their parents and pastor.

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