The Curriculum

Cornerstone Academy is a classical Christian school. We have returned to the time honored, proven method of educating used for centuries with great success, which gives students the tools for learning and systematic thinking. We, therefore, emphasize the basics: Bible, reading, writing, arithmetic, English grammar, Latin and logic. We also teach robotics, science, worldviews, rhetoric, and more. See our course listings by grade for Grammar School and Secondary Course Offerings. A Physical Education program for each grade is offered as well. The State of Florida requires one PE credit in 9th-12 grades for graduation. Additionally, all Grammar School students will have recess every school day and PE once a week.

After very careful review of all the options available, we have chosen the very best curriculum for each of the subject areas and for each grade. Attention was given to continuity between grades and between the Grammar and Secondary schools. In line with the educational philosophy of classical Christian schools, curriculum has been chosen that utilizes the tools of each educational phase. We are training students to be thinkers and to be able to reason well from biblical principles in every area.


Teacher Quality and Class Size

Cornerstone teachers are very carefully selected on the basis of Christian faith and character, experience, gifting by God in teaching, degrees and certifications. See the Cornerstone Staff page for more information. K4 has up to 16 students with a Lead Teacher and assistant teacher. There is an average of 18 students per classroom in Grammar School, staffed with a Lead Teacher and assistant teacher in K5, and a Lead Teacher and part-time assistant teacher in 1st – 3rd grades. Fourth and fifth grades may have up to 24 students with a Lead Teacher; assistant teachers are hired when enrollment exceeds 18 students. In the Logic School there are two classes each of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

Is Cornerstone Accredited?

Yes. Cornerstone is accredited through FCCPSA and Christian Schools of Florida. Cornerstone is now accredited with SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) as of 2015. You can download our quick profile here.

What is Cornerstone’s Schedule?

  • K4 begins at 8:15 AM and dismisses after lunch.
  • K5 – 5th grades begin at 8:15 AM and end at 3:10 PM.
  • Logic and Rhetoric Schools, 6th – 12th grades, begin at 8:00 AM and end at 3:10 PM.
  • Grammar classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Parents have the option of  home study on Monday and Thursday using lesson plans provided by classroom teachers or enrolling their children in Monday school, Thursday school, or both days.
  • Logic and Rhetoric students are on campus Tuesday through Friday and complete home study assignments on Monday. Monday school is available as an option for Logic and Rhetoric students.
  • Students on scholarships requiring five days of instruction will be at school five days per week.

Why were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday selected as the primary classroom instruction days for Grammar students?

Cornerstone Academy encourages church attendance. This schedule allows for church participation on Sunday and Wednesday nights without concern for getting young children up early for school the following mornings.

What is involved in home study and what are my responsibilities as a parent?

Many families of Grammar students choose home study on Monday and Thursday. Others choose to take advantage of bringing their students to school 4 or 5 days a week. As your support and guide in the educational process, Cornerstone teachers will assign work for students on home study days in order to achieve appropriate benchmarks for each grade each year. The work must be completed at home and turned in the next classroom day. On home study days parents of Grammar students should expect several hours of engagement that will include the teaching of basic concepts, the review of concepts covered in class, discussing readings or lessons to aid comprehension, checking work using teacher provided answer keys, and memory drills.

Home study assignments for Logic and Rhetoric students are more self-directed but require supervision and some assistance. To support parents, teachers are available on home study days during prescribed office hours via phone or email.

Parents will also be required to participate in assisting Cornerstone Academy in some capacity throughout the year. Thirty-five Service Hours are required per family per year.